🍂🌽🏈 Fall is in the air 🏈🌽🍂

I have noticed that the sun is setting no later than 8pm and the summer night air is becoming cool and crisp.  I leave my windows open at night to hear the lulling sound of the crickets and cars driving by.  This late August cool breeze is so very refreshing!  I love summer.  It is most definitely my favorite season, but fall brings a whole new set of fun and adventure.

Preseason football is on the TV and my eldest son has begun his daily football practices.  I LOVE being a “football mom”.  I thoroughly enjoy watching him practice while my middle son is running around with the rest of the younger siblings and my little baby interacts and plays with the toddlers and other babies.  I am looking forward to the Sunday morning games followed by hanging out with family and friends for the rest of the day.  Nothing is better than some football, family, friends, and FOOD on a fall Sunday.

This will be the first fall season with ALL THREE of my boys (since my youngest was born in mid-November of last year).  I can’t wait for him to experience all the fun we will have together.  Pumpkin carving and getting down and dirty with that messy pumpkin pulp; It always ends in a food fight.  Apple picking, chairlift rides at the mountain, hiking, pumpkin walks, grape festival, cider, corn mazes, etc.

OMG!  How have I not mentioned the fact that the kiddos go back to school!  YAAYYYYYYY!  The constant “I’m bored”‘s and fighting will temporarily subside and they will come home too tired to argue with each other, and I will be able to have some much needed one-on-one bonding time with my littlest guy!

I’ll miss summer, but I can’t wait for fall!