Cranky O’Clock

This is a well known time of day in our household.  My kids are well aware of what happens at this time each day.  As the hour of cranky approaches, small glimpses of the monster appear and the air is tense with suspense of what is just around the corner. Emotional outbreaks and flailing arms and legs are present among the children, as well as unnecessary hyperventilation and overreaction of said children.  The darkness of the night slowly creeps in as the daylight disappears, the birds stop chirping, and the crickets start singing their nighttime lullaby.

The monster that comes out on the hour of cranky is complete with dark circles under its eyes, flared nostrils, frizzy hair, all sorts of food, boogers, and spit-up on its shirt, and a look of craziness only this specific kind of monster can have.  Its name is Momster, or Momzie, as the children like to call it.  She comes out only at night when it is time for her children to go to bed.  All day she has been patient and kind, full of energy and laughter, creative and playful, empathetic and snugly, helpful and open-minded, relaxed and carefree, etc.

She goes by the name of Mom during the day and Momster, or Momzie, by night.  Do not test her once the hour of cranky begins, if you do, you will surely regret it.  She turns into a drill sergeant with her unforgiving tone of her voice as she tells her children to brush their teeth for the umpteenth time.   As her kids whine and complain about how they are starving to death and so so very thirsty all of the sudden, she raises her voice and her tired, bloodshot eyes widen with frustration.  The Momster’s true colors appear as her children physically struggle to climb into bed, as if she is asking them to climb Mount Everest with an elephant strapped to their backs.

Be considerate of the Momster.  She is tired.  She is human and she needs time to relax at the end of every fun-filled day with her children.  She is Mom.  And she loves her boys!

Its 9 pm, a.k.a. Cranky O’Clock!