Morning run

Nothing kickstarts my day into gear like a morning trail run! It is hard to get myself going in the morning, but once I am out there in the woods I feel energized. I ran a solid 4 miles today, easy pace of 9 minute miles, and didn’t push it too hard. I did stop to take some gorgeous pictures of the morning though. Often times, I pause my music and just listen to the sounds of nature. The birds, locusts, and the warm breeze running through the trees is music to my ears.

Rarely do I see another runner on the trails; usually I come across walkers, bikers, and the occasional horseback rider. It was nice to see a fellow runner out there this morning. As we passed each other we waved and she said

“Beautiful morning for a run!”

I responded “oh yes it is!”

We passed each other again, after my turn around point, and I said

“Home stretch!”

She responded “have a good day!”

I know that conversation was short, but it was sweet. We were both enjoying the morning by running on the trails. Although I admit, I do use my trail runs as a break from my kiddos. Sometimes I just need a good hour to my self! I actually “kill two birds with one stone” because I am able to get a nice workout in at the same time.

I am so lucky to live where I do! The winters are long, but the summers are AMAZING!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!