Trail Running

This photo is just one example what I see on my trail runs.  I LOVE this time of year because I finally am able to run on the trails that run all throughout the county.  The trails are absolutely stunning during the summer months.  The wooded trails run through various farmland, backyards, and on bridges over roadways.  There is always something new to look at.  The beauty of the quiet nature is always so peaceful and satisfying.  I admire the way the sun shines through the trees onto the pathways.

I have always enjoyed running.  I was never very talented when it came to sports.  I always resorted to running because it was simple; there was not much to it.  I started out slow, but overtime I grew in strength and endurance and appreciation for the sport.

These days, I use running as my outlet; my stress reliever.  There are many days when I feel sluggish, stressed out, or overwhelmed with everything I have to do.  After coming back from a run, I feel refreshed, level-headed, accomplished, and overall happy.  If I didn’t have running in my life, I do not know how I would cope with the daily struggles of motherhood, and life in general.  I am lucky to have a vice where I can release all of my anxiety in a healthy and positive way.

I know plenty of friends and family members that have addictive personalities and rely on unhealthy vices to relieve their stresses.  I could have easily gone down a different road of drugs, drinking, etc.  But I am thankful that I didn’t.  I am thankful that I am able to use running as my ultimate stress crusher!