Pardon my feet , but this picture is a huge part of what makes summer the absolute best season! I took this pic right after mowing and weed whacking the yard. My feet and legs were stained that lush green color. I was relaxing and watching my boys run around barefooted in the backyard. Watching them run around all crazy shooting nerf guns and acting out games I don’t understand reminds me of when I was their age. I miss it so so much.

I miss the summer days when my mom told us to go outside and play until dinner. We would play in the woods behind our house for hours. We had a small wooden fort that we spent most of our time in. We would pretend that we were “roughing it” in the wild, just like Laura Ingalls Wilder from the Little House on the Prairie books. We spent hours gathering wood, fetching water from the creek, foraging for food, etc. (Don’t worry, we never actually drank the creek water or ate the strange berries we found LOL).

I remember always wishing I was older. At the time, I did not like being “stuck” at home with my annoying little sisters. But those long summer days forced us to be creative and use our imagination to come up with games that would pass the time. Looking back on those days now, I truly appreciate the good ole days. I am lucky to have those amazing memories with my sisters.

I enjoy reliving those times though my boys. I smile when I think of how they are creating memories with each other that will last a lifetime. I hope that my boys grow up to be best friends, just like my sisters and I did.

Oh summer 🤗


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