This is a list of everything that my precious little monster threw a fit over today:

– the smell coming from outside

– wanting to go to Mcdonalds when I suggested Wendy’s

– then wanting to go to Wendy’s when I suggested McDonald’s

– His brother was too close to him

– His brother was looking at him

– His brother was talking

– not being able to dump the juice just so he could play with the cap

– my presence

– then when I decided to walk away

– not being able to drive the car

– not having the little lines/ imprints a sock makes on his feet…. because His brother had them and he didn’t

– putting clothes on

– his car window was down

– his car window was up

– I looked at him

– putting him in his car seat ” too fast”

– the lunch I made

– walking with me

– not allowing him to run freely in the parking lot

– helping him when he asked for help

– I put the juice in the wrong cup

– not letting him mix his peaches with the string cheese and alphabet soup

– not letting him dump the sauce on the table so he could dip his fries in it

– not having ketchup readily available in the car

I’m sure I forgot to mention some. This is everyday…… Every single day😳.