🍂🌽🏈 Fall is in the air 🏈🌽🍂

I have noticed that the sun is setting no later than 8pm and the summer night air is becoming cool and crisp.  I leave my windows open at night to hear the lulling sound of the crickets and cars driving by.  This late August cool breeze is so very refreshing!  I love summer.  It is most definitely my favorite season, but fall brings a whole new set of fun and adventure.

Preseason football is on the TV and my eldest son has begun his daily football practices.  I LOVE being a “football mom”.  I thoroughly enjoy watching him practice while my middle son is running around with the rest of the younger siblings and my little baby interacts and plays with the toddlers and other babies.  I am looking forward to the Sunday morning games followed by hanging out with family and friends for the rest of the day.  Nothing is better than some football, family, friends, and FOOD on a fall Sunday.

This will be the first fall season with ALL THREE of my boys (since my youngest was born in mid-November of last year).  I can’t wait for him to experience all the fun we will have together.  Pumpkin carving and getting down and dirty with that messy pumpkin pulp; It always ends in a food fight.  Apple picking, chairlift rides at the mountain, hiking, pumpkin walks, grape festival, cider, corn mazes, etc.

OMG!  How have I not mentioned the fact that the kiddos go back to school!  YAAYYYYYYY!  The constant “I’m bored”‘s and fighting will temporarily subside and they will come home too tired to argue with each other, and I will be able to have some much needed one-on-one bonding time with my littlest guy!

I’ll miss summer, but I can’t wait for fall!



What a day!

Wow, today was a crazy busy day. It was just one of those days where I didn’t get one chance to sit down to catch my breath. I started the day with a job interview. I spent a good hour getting ready; hair, makeup, and fancy clothes. This is very different from every other day; hair in messy bun, a teeny bit of coverup and mascara, and gym clothes lol. I brought two of the kiddos to their camps then scooted off to the interview.

Unfortunately, the job interview was not at all what I expected. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that the job I thought I was applying for was not the job they were interviewing me for. Bummer. But at least I was over prepared and am ready for the next one !

After that, I rushed home so that I could squeeze in a run before picking up my middle kiddo from his camp. I decided to do a 4 mike lake run with the baby in the jogging stroller. The wind was not my friend, and that 25 pound baby did not lighten my load at all haha.

After picking up middle kiddo from camp, we did a drive thru McDonald’s lunch and headed home to kill time before I had to turn around and pick up my oldest from his camp. I cleaned my car, tried to lighten the laundry loads, and managed to put the baby down for a nap. The baby had only been asleep for 15 minutes before I had to wake him up to go pick up my oldest.

After picking up my oldest, we had about 45 minutes to kill before his first football practice of the season. I managed to return overdue library books and grab my much needed dunkin iced coffee and arrive just in time for his practice. His 2 hour practice was long and tiring for both him and I lol. While he was running sprints and rotating stations, I was sweating trying to chase after my middle one and soothe my cranky teething baby.

Finally practice was over. Then it was time to cook dinner…… breakfast night ! The “quick” and easy dinner meal when you don’t actually want to cook. It was 8 pm, I was whipping up eggs and making pancakes with rainbow sprinkles in them. The boys gobbled them down and then one of them, not sure which one, spilled water and maple syrup everywhere. Yay me! LOL.

“Okay, you can do this!”

That is what I kept telling myself as I was trying to clean up dinner while the boys were fighting in the bathroom over the toothpaste. After they were settled on the couch watching their bedtime tv, I managed to tackle some of the stacks of dishes in the sink and find where a rotten smell was coming from (old, moldy food under the stove…..gross). I fed the baby his bedtime bottle and he quickly passed right out.

Okay, bedtime for the boys. I tucked them in, gave them kisses, filled their waters, said goodnight, tucked them back in after they decided they weren’t ready for bed, gave them more kisses, tucked them in again after they both decided they had to pee really bad, more kisses, tucked them in AGAIN after they needed more water, more kisses, and then a final GOODNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy. What a tiring day. But I wouldn’t trade this life for the world. ❤️

Cranky O’Clock

This is a well known time of day in our household.  My kids are well aware of what happens at this time each day.  As the hour of cranky approaches, small glimpses of the monster appear and the air is tense with suspense of what is just around the corner. Emotional outbreaks and flailing arms and legs are present among the children, as well as unnecessary hyperventilation and overreaction of said children.  The darkness of the night slowly creeps in as the daylight disappears, the birds stop chirping, and the crickets start singing their nighttime lullaby.

The monster that comes out on the hour of cranky is complete with dark circles under its eyes, flared nostrils, frizzy hair, all sorts of food, boogers, and spit-up on its shirt, and a look of craziness only this specific kind of monster can have.  Its name is Momster, or Momzie, as the children like to call it.  She comes out only at night when it is time for her children to go to bed.  All day she has been patient and kind, full of energy and laughter, creative and playful, empathetic and snugly, helpful and open-minded, relaxed and carefree, etc.

She goes by the name of Mom during the day and Momster, or Momzie, by night.  Do not test her once the hour of cranky begins, if you do, you will surely regret it.  She turns into a drill sergeant with her unforgiving tone of her voice as she tells her children to brush their teeth for the umpteenth time.   As her kids whine and complain about how they are starving to death and so so very thirsty all of the sudden, she raises her voice and her tired, bloodshot eyes widen with frustration.  The Momster’s true colors appear as her children physically struggle to climb into bed, as if she is asking them to climb Mount Everest with an elephant strapped to their backs.

Be considerate of the Momster.  She is tired.  She is human and she needs time to relax at the end of every fun-filled day with her children.  She is Mom.  And she loves her boys!

Its 9 pm, a.k.a. Cranky O’Clock!

The little things

It’s the little things in life that truly make a heart happy. The little “I love you mama”s, the joy on your child’s face when you walk in the room, when they want you to kiss their boo boos to make it feel better; the list goes on.

After a long, exhausting day at work I try to mentally prepare myself for the chaos that awaits me at home. Before heading home, I de stress by putting my hair up in a tight knit bun, taking off my jewelry and shoes, and making a pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to grab my usual medium iced blueberry coffee with cream and sugar. Yes, I sometimes drive without shoes; I prefer to feel the brake and gas petal with my bare foot.

On my way home, I am always anxious to see my boys. I smile just thinking about how they know I’ll be home soon and are probably watching the driveway for my car to pull in. Almost always, I can see one or two little heads peeping out of the window as I pull into the driveway. My four year old usually greets me by holding the door open for me and saying “momma you’re home!” My 7 year old will ask “Hi Mom, how was work today? Did you make a lot of money?” HAHA. I love that kid 😂

Sidenote: I bartend. Some days are super busy and the tips are great, other days are not. My oldest is always interested in how much money I make.

The momlife is stressful and exhausting but soooo rewarding. All of the giggles and silly games they play are very entertaining to watch. I love listening to them use their imagination to create games and pass the time. Oh, and those deep belly laughs that my 4 four year old has are contagious. I can’t help but laugh at him as he is hunched over holding his belly and laughing so hard he can’t breathe.

I love how my kisses make boo boos disappear. They will come find me, limping all the way, and crying uncontrollably. As soon as I kiss that little boo boo, all of the sudden, their limp is gone and they are magically all better 😂.

Or when I tuck the boys into bed and two minutes later one of them gets out of bed and walks into the living room just to tell me “momma, I just love you so much”. That just melts my heart !

There are so many little things that the boys do that make my day everyday !

Morning run

Nothing kickstarts my day into gear like a morning trail run! It is hard to get myself going in the morning, but once I am out there in the woods I feel energized. I ran a solid 4 miles today, easy pace of 9 minute miles, and didn’t push it too hard. I did stop to take some gorgeous pictures of the morning though. Often times, I pause my music and just listen to the sounds of nature. The birds, locusts, and the warm breeze running through the trees is music to my ears.

Rarely do I see another runner on the trails; usually I come across walkers, bikers, and the occasional horseback rider. It was nice to see a fellow runner out there this morning. As we passed each other we waved and she said

“Beautiful morning for a run!”

I responded “oh yes it is!”

We passed each other again, after my turn around point, and I said

“Home stretch!”

She responded “have a good day!”

I know that conversation was short, but it was sweet. We were both enjoying the morning by running on the trails. Although I admit, I do use my trail runs as a break from my kiddos. Sometimes I just need a good hour to my self! I actually “kill two birds with one stone” because I am able to get a nice workout in at the same time.

I am so lucky to live where I do! The winters are long, but the summers are AMAZING!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!

Balancing a career and family

For the past eight years I have been going to school part-time, working just a couple days a week, and raising a family. This past spring I have officially graduated with my bachelors degree in environmental science; this has been one of my greatest accomplishments thus far.

After graduating high school I started college and only a few months in I became pregnant with my first child. Ever since then, school and work have become part-time gigs because being a mom came first. Eight years and three kids later I now am officially a college graduate.

But there is one person I cannot thank enough for helping me get through college and sacrificing his own education so that I could get mine. He always put my needs first and worked his work schedule around my classes so that I was not inconvenienced at all. He put his education on hold so that I didn’t have to and I cannot possibly thank him enough for that. He is the father of my children, my love, and my future husband.

He was right there by my side the whole time. There were so many nights I spent hunched over my computer and textbooks trying to finish lab reports, projects, essays, etc. He would try his best to distract the boys so that I could finish what I’m doing. Or he would come up behind me and give be THE BEST neck and shoulder massage that would have me close to passing out cold on my laptop LOL. Or when I would be stressing out and sweatily whipping out my homework, he would try his best to calm me down and help me to realize that everything is going to be okay and that stressing out about it will only make it worse.

Well now that I am done with my schooling, I have begun to casually look for a job/potential career. I am excited and nervous. The thought of actually starting a career has me second guessing my plans. I have enjoyed the past 8 years of part time jobs and schooling while being home most of the time to raise my boys. I have enjoyed my freedom and the excitement of starting each day with my boys, not knowing exactly what fun adventures we would get ourselves into.

The thought of starting this new lifestyle with a 9 to 5 job scares me. Oh how nice it would be to finally not have to worry about money as much as we have. It would be great to finally start saving and investing money instead of just managing to break even with bills each month. But is it worth it? Is it worth all the time I will miss during the days with my boys?

This summer, so far, has been the BEST! It is the first summer with all 3 of my boys, since my youngest was born last fall. I have been making new memories everyday with them. Everything from our lazy mornings, picnic lunches, long walks in the woods, bubbles, pool time at Meema’s, playgrounds, ice cream, camps, baseball and soccer games, bonfires, outside until sundown, etc…. the list could go on and on.

So what do I do? I do not want to miss any minute of their young lives. My boys are 7, 4, and 8 months, and I feel that time goes by way to fast. Having a career would be nice; I could finally put my schooling to use and not have to worry as much about finances. Decisions, decisions….

I am torn.

Trail Running

This photo is just one example what I see on my trail runs.  I LOVE this time of year because I finally am able to run on the trails that run all throughout the county.  The trails are absolutely stunning during the summer months.  The wooded trails run through various farmland, backyards, and on bridges over roadways.  There is always something new to look at.  The beauty of the quiet nature is always so peaceful and satisfying.  I admire the way the sun shines through the trees onto the pathways.

I have always enjoyed running.  I was never very talented when it came to sports.  I always resorted to running because it was simple; there was not much to it.  I started out slow, but overtime I grew in strength and endurance and appreciation for the sport.

These days, I use running as my outlet; my stress reliever.  There are many days when I feel sluggish, stressed out, or overwhelmed with everything I have to do.  After coming back from a run, I feel refreshed, level-headed, accomplished, and overall happy.  If I didn’t have running in my life, I do not know how I would cope with the daily struggles of motherhood, and life in general.  I am lucky to have a vice where I can release all of my anxiety in a healthy and positive way.

I know plenty of friends and family members that have addictive personalities and rely on unhealthy vices to relieve their stresses.  I could have easily gone down a different road of drugs, drinking, etc.  But I am thankful that I didn’t.  I am thankful that I am able to use running as my ultimate stress crusher!